Friday, May 05, 2006

Getting through the impending drought

When you're no longer a student, summer is kind of a bummer. The weather's awesome, but 40 hours a week you're indoors chained to a computer. Even worse, most TV shows go on their summer break too -- probably just to spite you. By summer's end, you've grown accustomed to there being a vacuum of quality television (minus a few exceptions), but at the start of summer, the pain of living without your favorite show is still fresh. You've got a long three-four months ahead of you. Welcome to the drought.

Thankfully, every summer there are always a few bright spots to help you make it through a summer devoid of new VM, GG, GA, and BSG. This summer is no different. If you can't watch new TV, watch the next best thing: TV on DVD.

July 18th: The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr
Bruce Campbell is a hilarious cult hero who has never fully been appreciated by the entertainment industry as a whole. Like the castmembers of The Office, he's hardworking and humble. His books are informative, self-deprecating, and show how much he loves what he does. I love it too.

Also July 18th: She-ra, Princess of Power
Whether I remember the salient details of the show is irrelevant. What is relevant is that this show probably had an indelible effect on my psyche during my formative years. He-Man be damned, I was all about She-ra and her awesome power to fight evil while looking pretty in an outfit comprised of kickin' boots and a bustier. I'm fairly certain she was just a predecessor to some of my current day heroines like Buffy and Sydney Bristow.

August 8th: Prison Break
I was really digging the first half of the show, but the hiatus nearly killed my interest. I think PB is best watched in an uninterrupted stream of adrenaline-fueled panic when its breakneck pace can truly be appreciated. Plus, it looks like it will be bursting with extras.

And, although it hasn't been officially announced yet, a little birdie told me the Veronica Mars Season Two DVD will be released on August 15th. We won't know for certain for another couple weeks, but I can already feel the tremors of psychitude begin to sweep through my body. Unlike the Season One DVD, I'm hoping it will contain some extras. Pretty please?


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