Thursday, April 20, 2006

Hard-working and humble

I wish I could work with them. Top Five Reasons why the cast of The Office rocks:

1. They're supersizing the finale. A press release on The Futon Critic reports that The Office will be adding a mega-awesome 10 minutes of glee to the finale on May 11. Who knows what drama, hilarity, or Dwingela-filled freakishness they could fit into those ten minutes? The mind, it is boggled.

2. They're working over the summer. As noted on GMMR, several of the members of the Dunder-Mifflin accounting staff (the lovely Angela, Kevin, and Oscar) will star in a series of "webisodes" over the summer break. Now, back before I started working full-time, I remember loving my summer break, so this is truly sweet of The Office cast members to come in to work. (And ironic, considering how none of them wanted to work Saturday.

3. They do double duty. Many of the actors are also writers on the show. B.J. Novak (aka Ryan the temp) is a writer and co-producer. His "can't take a hint" paramour Kelly is played by Mindy Kaling, also a writer on the show. And Michael Scott himself, Steve Carell will be writing the finale.

4. They're real people. Phyllis Smith, who plays (who else?) Phyllis, was a casting assistant who did so well with the line readings she joined the show. Paul, known to viewers as HR employee Toby, is a writer who'd never done any acting before. And Jenna Fischer, better known to viewers as Pam, was a secretary back in St. Louis.

5. One word: Jam.


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