Monday, May 01, 2006

Greyed out

Matt Roush over at was pretty darn complimentary of Chris O'Donnell's performance on Grey's Anatomy last night. He described it as "scruffy, laid-back, amused, and adorable." Matt's usually right on target and I really respect his opinions about television in general. But this time? I'm not feeling it. Scruffy and laid-back, okay. Amused and adorable, not so much.

Maybe it's Chris. I think once you play Robin, you automatically become a little bit asexual. (In contrast, of course, to Batman himself, who is hot no matter which way you look at it. Yes, even if you look at it in profile with those ghastly protruding nipples.) Or maybe it's me. I think now that I've grown older, my television tastes run more towards the unattainable bad boy, rather than the good guy who bounds up to you like a puppy, all love and sweetness. McVet, as Chris was called on the show, seems to fall more into the latter category. True, he did project quite a relaxed vibe in comparison to Meredith's scattered energy, but I didn't see any chemistry between them whatsoever. Zero sparks.

Whatever the case, Grey's felt a little flat to me last night. I'm not really loving Callie and George, though I did like when George finally came back to the Casa de Interns and made up with Izzie. And I liked the sweet hug between Denny and Izzie at the end, but I found myself wondering something: if Denny is such a charmer and a great all around guy, how come he never ever has any visitors? Where are all his friends? He seems like a total gem, but I find it hard to believe, given the smooth skill with which he wooed Izzie, that he doesn't have a single friend to come visit him in the hospital.

The couple with the most chemistry last night? In something of a surprise, it turned out to be Derek and Addison, coming through at the last moment with their stressed-out shower sex. They might not have been doing it for all the right reasons, but at least there was some raw emotion in it -- though nothing quite so fierce as the shock, disappointment, hurt, and jealousy in Derek's eyes when he saw Mer walk down those stairs.


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