Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Community soap: it's for sharing!

Some TV shows can only be appreciated when you're part of a community -- where "community" means "more than one person launching poorly-thought-out insults at the screen." These are shows that simply cry out for discussion/mocking in a group environment, and in today's TV-cosystem they are plentiful. While shows like Battlestar Galactica might benefit from some solitary reflection and rumination on the themes and conflicts, reality TV is not exactly conducive to solo analysis. When a show isn't exactly profound and transcendent, it's better just to dish about it with your friends; a show like that won't hold up under a thoughtful, critical analysis.

Tonight, I'll be hanging with a friend and watching two such superficial shows: American Idol and America's Next Top Model. I haven't really been keeping up with either of the shows lately, because they are so much better to watch with your homies. Still, based on my minimal knowledge, I do have some preference about who should take home the title of the America's Next Top Model/Idol.

American Idol: Like so many others, I've loved Chris and Katharine from the start. Both of them have their own style, a great voice and stage presence, and something nice to look at (be it boobs or bald head).

America's Next Top Model: Based on absolutely nothing at all, I have a strong affinity for Joanie (center) and a searing hatred for Jade (far left). That's the great thing about reality TV. You don't need to know someone to dislike them. It can be completely arbitrary and/or based on the fact that you think she looks kind of evil. I also think Sara (third from left) is kind of awesome, but that may just be because she has the same name, height, and often-startled-expression-in-pictures as my sister and she went to the same college as my best friend. Again with the arbitrary!

What shows do you love watching with your friends, even if you think they're completely boring when you're by your lonesome?


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