Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Free ain't easy

My friends and family know it: I'm delayed gratification girl. However, I'm also extreme media whore girl, which puts me in a bit of a pickle. What's a girl to do when she lives to scour the daily entertainment news, but so much of that news contains the dreaded spoilers for all shows under the sun?

I'm no spoiler-phobe when it comes to most of the shows I watch. I already know what's supposed to happen in the season finale of Gilmore Girls and I wouldn't mind if I found out that Meredith was finally going to reunite with McDreamy in the next episode of Grey's Anatomy. But I am fiercely protective when it comes to Veronica Mars. I really value the story they are trying to tell and want to maintain as much of an element of surprise as is possible. I don't care about that with all my shows. Maybe that's because most of the shows I watch aren't mysteries that are about to come to their (likely) shocking conclusion. Or maybe it's because I have such respect for and such faith in what the writers and actors doing with Veronica Mars, that I'd hate to, y'know, spoil it.

You know who I don't have faith in? The UPN promo department. It was hard, but tonight I didn't watch the preview for next week's episode. The previews can be tricky. Sometimes they give a lot away, sometimes they give you the red herring. It's hard to know what you'll get from them, but you'll definitely come away with some expectation. And you know what? I don't want any expectations. I want to be a blank slate that Rob Thomas and co. can write on as they wish.

So if you see me online this week? Help me stay spoiler-free.


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