Thursday, May 04, 2006

Trashtastic and tuneful

Last night's television was brought to me by the letter "A".

I finally got around to watching Tuesday's American Idol performances, before checking out the results show.

Loved Katharine's performance of "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree" - funky, relaxed, and the vocals were great. I think she really shines when she's acting natural and enjoying being on stage. When she gets it right, it looks effortless and completely natural.

Taylor, on the other hand, might enjoy being on stage a tad too much. I love him, but I feel a bit embarrassed for him when he really gets into it. A bit of advice, Taylor: try not to make your audience feel uncomfortable while watching you. It's like the slightly drunk friend at the wedding who gets a little too into shaking his groove thang.

Elliot's great, and I like his understated vibe, but there's always something not quite right about his vocals for me. He always seems a little uncomfortable with the phrasing, not quite sure where to take a breath or hold a note. "Home" was a great song choice, though.

Paris wasn't lighting up the stage for me during "Kiss" (and who else was thinking of Pretty Woman during that set?), but I thought she did adequately on the Mary J. tune. She really seems to have a different personality on stage than she does in person, and the two never really connect for me. I think it was her time to go. Maybe after a bit of growing up she'll be a truly stellar performer.

And as for Chris' performance? I hate to use the word 'mesmerizing', because it seems like such a "Paula" word, so I'll use 'captivating' instead. His voice was perfect on "Renegade" - as good as a recording. If you were only listening to the songs on the radio, this is the performance you'd want to hear.

And what do we all think of the cracktastic Ford commercial featuring an Afro-ed Paris, pimpin' Chris, ghettofied Elliot, voluptu-licious Katharine, and description-defyingly attired Taylor?

When Idol was over, I caught America's Next Top Model. After watching last night's ANTM, I feel totally justified in liking Joanie and hating Jade. A bitchified Jade said of Joanie: "She's not even on my level." You're right, Jade! She's several levels above you - just look at her gorgeous picture from the elephant photo shoot. Girlfriend can take a picture! She's articulate and graceful to boot. Definitely my favorite for this cycle.

And after all that reality TV, I capped off the evening with a dose of Alias, which I then happily recapped for Give Me My Remote. Good times!


At 6:30 PM, Blogger cmarugg said...

Joanie rocks, and I'm also all for Katherine and Chris. I think they will be the top 2 with Chris taking the big prize. I think the prize involves a contract with top modeling agency Ford models... oh wait, that's Top Model. But they do Ford commercials in American Idol... I'm confused.

What will we ever do when "Cycle 6" and this season's Idol come to an end!?


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