Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Parting is such sweet sorrow

Veronica Mars is winding down its season. There are only two more episodes left. I am one sad fan.

But on the upside, the recent episodes have been amazing. I feel like they're finally coming through with all the storylines they've been building up all season. There wasn't too much momentum for the first half of the season, but since maybe episode 16, things have been churning and twisting and absolutely delighting the pants off me. Last night's episode, "Look Who's Stalking," was no exception.

I'm astonished by how many plot points and clues they're managing to fit into these last few episodes. It reminds me of college, when I'd have to write a paper, and I'd wait until the last possible moment to do it. I would cram those final pre-deadline hours full of so much inspiration, drive, and effort that afterward I'd be completely wiped out, but I'd have one kick-ass finished product. Why didn't I do it earlier? Why did I procrastinate, and save all that work for those few hours at the end? It wasn't laziness. It was because things were too easy if I took all the time I had. I like a challenge.

Those Veronica Mars writers? I think they like a challenge too. And I'm betting they can pull off an A in the time remaining, no problem.


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