Monday, July 24, 2006

Tremors of psychitude

So, a couple weeks ago I told you all how excited I was to check out the new USA show Psych. Well, I'm happy to report that I've watched the show, and it was everything I was looking for.

PsychI'll be up front and admit that I'm predisposed to like any show that quotes Reality Bites (Shawn to Mr. Stick-Up-His-Ass detective: What's your glitch?). But it's more than just the pop-culture references that make this show a worthy addition to my weekly viewing schedule. It's the fact that like its main character, Psych doesn't take itself too seriously.

The show is perfect for a Friday night - light, funny, and requiring minimal brain power. James Roday, as main fake psychic detective Shawn, has charm to spare and a face that sparks with mischief. His pent-up energy propels him from each case to the next, punctuated by spastic 'psychic episodes' that are hilarious and embarrassing to watch. Dulé Hill, as his buddy Gus, is along for the ride, doing his best to keep Shawn out of too much trouble, and helping out with a clue here and there. The pair have great chemistry, and as I suspected, it's fun to see Hill letting loose with a role that's outside Charlie territory.

Case in point: do yourself a favor and watch the "Man in the Mirror" Psych Out - you'll be treated to a new side of Hill.

I don't mind that the mysteries aren't so complex or aren't very credible. I don't tune in for the mysteries, I tune in for the characters. And from their tagline, that's just the way the USA network would want it.


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