Monday, July 17, 2006

TV-free? You're not better than me.

In an excellent recent article from the Connecticut Post, writer Amanda Cuda talks about why people who don't watch TV have nothing to be proud of.

Cuda defends television as a valuable source of information and entertainment, making the case that people who don't watch TV out of some elitist idea that they are "too good for TV" are really the ones missing out. To all those people who are superior about watching television, she has this to say:

"By eliminating an entire source of information and entertainment from your life, I argue that you are actually less enlightened than me and my tube-viewing brethren."

Just--WORD. As an avid reader, I've certainly been guilty of judging people for choosing not to read books of any sort. However, I'd never considered that the same idea could be applied to television as a valid source of information. Shame on anyone for outright denying TV as worthy of their time.

Cuda's writing is intelligent, insightful, and pro-Veronica Mars, so it definitely strikes a chord with me. The ideas she discusses in the article are things that have come to my mind over the many years I've been watching TV (and enduring other people's opinions about it). However, I hadn't found the time or the words to voice those ideas as she did. Sure, I've described TV as just another art form, but I didn't go into my reasoning as concisely and articulately as Ms. Cuda.

Damn, now I totally wish I could write good. Hee.


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