Monday, July 17, 2006

Veronica heart...Jim?

Have you ever wondered what characters on your favorite TV shows would think of other TV shows? With my level of obsession with all things television, I certainly have. Ever since Spike professed his love of Passions, I've been entertained and surprised by the tuning tastes of my TV friends. We've got evidence of a few cross-network fans, including George Michael and Maeby watching Veronica Mars, Dwight enjoying Battlestar Galactica, and J.D. absorbed in Grey's Anatomy.

And now, thanks to the Neptune Navigator, we have an idea of whether Gia Goodman would rate Supernatural as any good and, more importantly, what Veronica and Logan might think of Season 1 of The Office (US). We're lucky enough to be privy to a fictitious IM chat/critique of the first season.

This, my friends, is great writing. It's smart, it's funny, it's in-character, and it's available here. If you like Logan-Veronica conversations that are snarky and full of subtext, look no further than the Neptune Navigator, brought to you by some lovely people who put their summer free time to good use. (Props to the Navigator staff...and pleas to keep writing, since it's a looong time till October 3rd.)


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