Thursday, July 20, 2006

TV tidbits

- According to this interview, Ron Livingston is totally right for my sister. Except for that pesky twelve-year age gap.

- Prison Break is going to have to look for another mistress of evil, since VP Patricia Wettig won't be coming back. Maybe they'll recast her, like her undead bro Terrance Steadman.

- Alan Sepinwall, one of my favorite TV critics, has a great and quite candid interview with David Rosenthal, new Gilmore Girls showrunner. (Note: it's a bit spoilery.)

- America Ferrera, who headlines the new show Ugly Betty, reminded me why it would suck to work in Hollywood. Though they make her look a bit homely in the show, America definitely begs a bad pun about her name and one of this country's famous songs. She's a doll.

- Thoughts on laugh tracks. Interesting tidbit: when doing Friends, they often had to turn down the audience reaction because it sounded so much like a laugh track. Who knew?

- For some reason, I decided to watch a bunch of Friends bloopers. If you need a laugh, I heartily recommend this and this and this.


At 3:27 PM, Blogger Abbey said...

How much do I love Friends?

Gosh I just don't know...I own all 10 seasons on DVD (bought them the day they each came out), I answered every question correctly in the Friends Trivia book in one sitting, and I own and dominate their two games they've released.

Wow...I need a life.


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