Tuesday, July 25, 2006

So jealous: not just a song featured on VM

Veronica Mars fans might know the Tegan & Sarah song "So Jealous" from the Season Two episode Green-Eyed Monster. However, it's also an accurate description of me this week as I read through all the great accounts of people's experiences at Comic-Con and TCA. Though I'm sad to have missed all of it, I'm particularly bummed that I didn't get to enjoy the Veronica Mars Comic-Con panel on Saturday. However if, like me, you'd like to live vicariously through those who did attend, you're welcome to enjoy all the lovely links below.

- TV Guide's Daniel Manu, who acted as moderator for the panel, shares a few highlights. (Only slightly spoilery.)

- Pop Candy's Whitney Matheson, who geeked out over all sorts of comic-related and unrelated goodness, including the VM panel.

- The ever-amazing NeptuneSite.com has interviews up with Ryan Hansen (aka Dick "sometimes you don't need the prettiest horse" Casablancas") and Jason Dohring (aka Logan, my favorite maternal-expletive-spewer).

- Cast pics from the TCA's can be found at GMMR. Man, is Kristen Bell pretty!

- Video interviews with KBell and the adorable Dohrings can be found at Eonline (scroll down). It's sweet to see Jason give his wife the same I'm-so-into-you look that Logan gives Veronica.

- It is almost universally acknowledged that the highlight was Ryan doing a bit of Michael Jackson-inspired dancing and a backflip. Check him out!

Oh - and for you BSG fans who've been scouring the net for Comic-Con dish, go check out Maureen Ryan's blog.


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