Monday, July 10, 2006

Mac attack!

For all you Mac fans out there, there's an interview with Tina Majorino at Backstage.

We all know Mac's going to Hearst with Veronica, and we know Rob Thomas is trying to make Tina a regular, so it sounds like we should be seeing more of her next season. Great news, since Mac is one of my favorite characters. I'm curious to see how different she'll be in the wake of everything that happened with Cassidy in the season finale. Will there be Mac 2.0? Hard to imagine what that might be like, since Mac 1.0 was more like Veronica 2.0.

I'm also still waiting to see something in the future about Mac and her biological family. Ever since Ep. 1.11, Silence of the Lamb, I've been wanting to see some little follow-up to show that Mac's still connected with her birth mom. Maybe if Tina's around more in Season Three, we could get an episode where the truth comes out? Happy to help write it, Rob. ;)

If you're a Mac person, check out the interview. It's pretty interesting that Tina's managed to cover three projects with a strong cult following. If she becomes the next pilot in the next Serenity movie or shows up as the next cylon, she'll really be covering her fan bases. Guess there is life after Waterworld.


At 3:10 PM, Blogger Abbey said...

I heart Mac. I hope that the insanity at the end of last season doesn't hurt/change her. I mean, what would she become?

I like her as is...and am SOOO glad that she'll become a regular. She's my fave...after Veronica...and Mr. Hottie.


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