Monday, July 03, 2006

For my consideration

Since the lovely invention of TV on DVD, my past few summers have been spent in the company of a few great shows. I'll always remember the summer of 2003 as the time I spent sublimating post-college depression via obsessive Alias DVD rewatching, last summer as the season I devoured Farscape, and this summer as full of Tommy Gavin swearing and tearing his way through the first and second seasons of Rescue Me. However: Rescue Me is pretty short. Its first two seasons pretty much comprise one normal season for a network TV show.

So, I still need a bit more TV to fill the void until September (or October...damn you BSG!). I'm hoping all of you, with your vast and infinite knowledge of television, can help me make a decision. (Even if that decision is, "yes, Joobie, watch them all!" since I am notoriously indecisive myself.) Here's what I'm considering:

Supernatural: Taken in by some YouTube fanvids (some shamelessly celebrating Jared Padalecki's body of work, some piecing together the show's funniest moments), I've been thinking about giving this show a try. Now, I'm not averse to hot men, and I do love good man-banter, but I'm not sure the plots or the characters will be interesting enough to keep me watching. Opinions? Or just want to rave about how Jensen Ackles' ass is worth the price of admission? Speak out, sister! (September 5)

The Wire: The first season has been toiling on my Netflix list for some time, not quite making the transition to the top of the queue. I've read numerous great reviews of the show, and it's something a little different from my normal angsty-romance or bantery-comedy fare. Dominic West has sort of a rakish charm, and the acting overall is supposed to be stellar. It's been a while since I tried a crime drama, but perhaps if the characterizations are strong enough and the ongoing storylines involving enough, this would be a good chance to get back into the genre.

Doctor Who: Since I loved Farscape and BSG, I think this just might be a logical next step for me. I've read a number of comments about how great and revitalized the show was with Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper, and that it's easy to jump in even if you don't know the decades of backstory. And although I'm spoiled for the first season, I think DW's blend of whimsy and drama could be a pleasure to watch even knowing the outcome already. There's a bit of amour, too, isn't there? Unresolved sexual tension is my raison d'etre. (July 4)

Slings and Arrows: Reading the description of the show, which follows the exploits of a "dysfunctional Shakespearean theatre group," I'm pretty much sold. Knowing that it also stars Rachel McAdams, who I'd watch in almost anything, definitely helps to seal the deal. The first season just came out on DVD, and though it's a pretty short series, it might be enough to fill the TV gap. Plus, at only 6 episodes, it's a small time investment for something that could be quite funny and irreverent.

So, what do you all recommend? You're welcome to think outside the list; these are just some ideas I've been mulling over. And keep in mind that I'm the kind of gal who watched Sidekicks in its entirety last night, so I can set the bar for entertainment value pretty low when I feel like it.


At 11:39 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Watch Supernatural for the hottness that is Jensen Ackles. The storylines get better later in the season. I think this show will get better like buffy did. Plus hello, hot guy that plays the dad? Nice!

And the boy banter is nice too.

At 12:25 PM, Blogger jonas said...

Supernatural is a good show. I had to stop watching it besides it scares the snot out of me. I don't watch horror movies either. Oh and yes, Jeffery Dean Morgan plays their dad.

At 1:01 PM, Blogger Abbey said...

I just added Slings and Arrows to my Netflix list. So excited! Seems right up my alley. How have I never heard of it? And you're so right...wouldn't mis anything with R.McAdams!

At 2:37 PM, Blogger Joobie said...

I forgot the horror element of Supernatural (all the fan stuff I read seems to focus more on the hotness and less on the fear factor). Is it really so scary? I shy away from horror flicks as well so maybe it would be too much for me to deal with.

And as for're right. I completely forgot about the Daddy Winchester cherry on the Sam and Dean sundae. Eye candy cubed!

At 3:01 PM, Blogger jonas said...

Wow I really can't type today. I meant "because" instead of "besides". It's mostly scary because stuff jumps out. It's brilliant camera work and effects but I just don't dig stuff popping out of nowhere. I prefer my heart to beat at a normal rate :) It can sometimes be gory with blood and guts stuff. As gory as network TV can be that is.

At 12:09 PM, Blogger duckyxdale said...

You have to pick up Dr. Who! As a person that never liked the 60s,70s versions or any incarnation there of I found myself head over heels for the 9th Dr.! Now that we are on to the 10th I cannot wait for it to begin again. Hell, there's even a Bisexual Space Captain Jack in it that is just now getting his own BBC spin-off. Great fun!

Of particular creep is the episodes "The Empty Child" and the conclusion of "Empty", "The Doctor Dances".


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