Thursday, June 29, 2006


Talking a page from GMMR's book, I'm giving some love to YouTube today.

Some gems I've discovered:

- Scrubs' funniest moments and bloopers

- All three parts of Nobody's Watching, an unsuccessful (but funny) pilot from the creators of Scrubs (the TV Addict even included it in his funniest quotes of the week)

- Pure, exuberant hilarity, tangentially related to Veronica Mars

- I've only seen a couple episodes of House, but these two clips from the season two finale might be reason enough for me to Netflix the first couple seasons. I'm such a sucker for unresolved sexual tension.

- A reminder about why I love Luke and Lorelai, and why last season's finale was so painful. If the writers would give us great moments like these between Lorelai and Christopher, maybe I wouldn't be so hell-bent on L&L.

- Ohhh....and just one more for all you Jam fans. (You probably already have it bookmarked.)


At 8:35 AM, Blogger jonas said...

I seriously don't think I'll ever look at Jason Dohring the same way anymore. LOL. Thanks for that link. What commitment to character!


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