Wednesday, July 05, 2006

We'll see her round the Battlestar

The talented and awesome Jane Espenson, who has written for Buffy, Gilmore Girls, and beyond, is now penning an episode of Battlestar Galactica.

Jane tells all about her episode in this interview--though of course by 'all' I mean nothing at all about her episode, the plot of the show, or any season three storylines or circumstances (since they're trying to keep all that stuff under lock and key). Instead, she talks more about why she loves the show and her experience writing for it.

Jane knows whereof she speaks (and writes). She has an excellent blog where she discusses the craft of writing for all us hopefuls. She offers numerous tips, ideas, and encouragement for anyone who's dreamed of writing for television. If you've ever considered writing a screenplay or script, Jane's blog just might be the invaluable resource of practical information you've been looking for.

And, if you're not of the writing bent, you can always read it to find out what she has for lunch every day. Seriously.


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