Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Location, location, location

While I was out and about in the world for a few days last week, I got to thinking about the locations where many of my favorite shows are set. So I thought I'd compile a little location list.

Most common location: New York. (Friends, Seinfeld, Sex and the City, Rescue Me, CSI:NY...are there shows that aren't set in New York?)

Most dangerous place for a witty young crime-fighter: fictional Southern California (See Neptune and Sunnydale)

Best for a medical drama: A big city that isn't New York. (See Chicago Hope, ER, Grey's Anatomy, St. Elsewhere, Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman...just kidding.)

Place I'd like to vacation: Stars Hollow (Festivals with strange themes, troubadours, gorgeous scenery, and one lovely inn. Eccentric, but great for a short term stay. Plus, I might be able to bump into those Gilmore Girls and have a rapid-fire chat filled with pop-culture references. Groovy!)

Place I'd most like to live: Everwood. Sob!

Place I'd least like to live: Wisteria Lane. (I'd like to be able to have a romance that's normal, functional, and drama-free. I'm pretty sure that's verboten for the ladies of Desperate Housewives.)

Most "out-there" location: Farscape. The uncharted territories RULES!

Best for someone in witness protection program: Springfield. Do The Simpsons live near an ocean? Are they landlocked? What's the climate? What state are they in? No one knows--and it's a safe bet no one could find you there.

What are some favorite fictional places in the TV-verse that you'd like to visit? Or that you would avoid like the plague?


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