Monday, May 08, 2006

All good shows must come to an end...but not their stars

This season, a few great shows are coming to a close. One of the things I find myself wondering when an awesome show comes to an end is: what are the actors going to do now? Some actors try to move on to other series (often failing -- see, e.g., Jason Alexander), some disappear from the spotlight for years (see e.g. Keri Russell), and some go straight to kickin' ass and taking names on the big screen (like Claire Danes.

We've got answers for a couple key actors from shows I love: Alias and the West Wing.

Victor Garber, always subtle and wonderful as Jack Bristow, will be moving on to a life of American Crime over on FOX, where he'll play a high-profile defense attorney. Garber is so excellent at walking the fine line between good guy and bad guy, complete with ambiguous morals, that I'm sure he'll be as perfect a lawyer as he was a SpyDaddy.

Bradley Whitford is moving on to Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, Aaron Sorkin's new show about the behind-the-scenes action at a SNL-type comedy show. Studio 60 has been picked up by NBC and also stars Matthew Perry and Amanda Peet. I'm very excited about this show because I loved Sorkin's writing, from The American President to Sports Night.

I'm keeping my eyes open for news on what Carl Lumbly and Janel Moloney will be doing in the near future. I'd ask about Kevin Weisman, but he'll probably just be changing diapers.


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