Sunday, April 23, 2006

A tale of two screens

My talk of movies yesterday got me thinking about the selectively permeable membrane that is the film industry. Plenty of movie actors move on to TV shows when their luck on the big screen seems to be running out. (Think Geena Davis in Commander in Chief.) But what about folks who go the other direction--from TV to movies? It seems much harder to make the transition from television to film, and there aren't many who've done it successfully.

Two of my favorites who come to mind are George Clooney and Hilary Swank. Good old George charmed viewers as pediatrician Doug Ross for the first five seasons of ER before he went on to blockbuster films both good and bad. Hilary spent a year on 90210, of all things, before going on to win her first Oscar just a couple years later.

Which TV actor do you think will next parlay their small-screen success to the big screen? Will Michelle Williams follow up her Brokeback Mountain success with more great performances, and eradicate the memory of Jen Lindley from our minds? Will Adamy Brody's nerdy hotness on The O.C. take him to bigger roles on the screen than bit parts in Mr. and Mrs. Smith and Thank You for Smoking? Personally, I'm rooting for Lauren Graham to enjoy the same success on the big screen as she has on Gilmore Girls. (Hollywood, just accept that she is Wonder Woman and cast her already!)

What film actors do you love that got their start on the small screen? Who do you think deserves success on the big screen?


At 7:25 PM, Anonymous smv said...

From small screen to big screen --showing my age -- Kurt Russell, Goldie Hawn and Sally Field

tv actors I'd like to see in movies -- how about Keifer Sutherland, Katee Sackhoff and the great Victor Garber

At 11:10 PM, Blogger cmarugg said...

Will Farrel, Jim Carrey, and J Lo are the strange combination of actors that come to my mind. Well, J Lo is a stretch, but didn't she start out as a back up dancer on "In Living Color?" All three are laughable in some sense, not always picking the best film and not always vearing from their cash-cow "silly" movies, but overall have really proven their acting chops. Jim Carrey is excellent in one of my favorite movies of all time - "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" and he was also moving in "The Truman Show." J Lo showed her skills (and bootie) in "Selena" and "The Cell," and is overall pretty consistent. I personally enjoyed her in "Maid in Manhattan" as well, though it's hard to admit that as an adult male :) Will Farrel is starting to branch out more, and has been relatively hit or miss, but I think he has it in him to do drama and do it well.


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