Wednesday, August 09, 2006

TV Tidbits

Tangentially Veronica Mars-related:

- Bad call, Michael McKean. Didn't you want the adoration of fan girls everywhere?

- A guy who's making a habit of macking on smart, sassy, petite blond investigators gets interviewed.

- Get thee to a mall, VM fans! You know, shopping in the bay area is so limited...I should probably try San Diego this weekend to see if they have some interesting stuff.

- If you're heading to SD, you might want to wear this so they'll know who they're dealing with.

- The Tubey Awards are up! And VM won a bunch of 'em. Those TWoP people can be a bit prickly, but they've got taste.

And otherwise:

- People really want you to watch The Wire.

- One change to the fall schedule I'm not particularly psyched about: Ugly Betty moves to Thursdays at 8, opposite My Name Is Earl and The Office. Maureen Ryan is, however.

- I don't need to watch a Battlestar Galactica primer, but I probably will.

- If at first you don't succeed, remember that Will Arnett didn't either.


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