Saturday, June 03, 2006

What would your favorite character be watching?

For some reason a lot of today's movies reminded me of some TV characters.

Dazed and Confused (12PM, E!): It's in Pam's top three. So suck it.

American Gigolo (12:30, WE): Lorelai, Lane, Rory, and Sookie were very disappointed not to see this during Lane's bachelorette party. Don't let yourself suffer the same fate.

Road Trip (1:50, TBS): Okay, Felicity would probably not enjoy this movie, but I just watched the season one finale and I know she chooses the road trip with Ben, so it seems sort of fitting.

Heathers (5PM, Sundance): JTT probably watched this before taping Weapons of Class Destruction, in order to deliver his spot-off Christian Slater impression.

Cruel Intentions (8PM, ABC Family): I'm pretty sure this must be the favorite movie of all the One Tree Hill kids, for all their sordidness. I'm also kind of appalled that this is on the ABC Family channel. What are children meant to be learning from this?

I've learned one thing: I'll be watching Rescue Me instead of movies on TV today.


At 7:58 PM, Anonymous GMMR said...

Once again I am convinced that we share the same brain. Everytime I watch "Weapons of Class Desctruction" (which is often since it was LoVe's first kiss), all I can think about is how much JTT sounds like Christian Slater. It was almost as if he were doing an impression or something. Good call!!!

At 7:01 AM, Blogger Joobie said...

Yeah, it's the scene in the car where he's riding with Veronica that really sounds like that to me. And not just because I've watched WoCD about 50 times myself, and that scene just happens to be right before another scene where Logan swoops in and saves the day. ;)


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