Thursday, May 25, 2006

NBC Scrubs in

I'm pretty psyched about a few new shows that are scheduled to start on NBC this fall. Heroes and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip are two of those I'll definitely tune in to come September. (More on those in a later post.)

However, I have to subtract some points from the network for their ignominious treatment of Scrubs. Season after season, they don't give this show the respect and scheduling it deserves. I know it isn't a runaway hit for them, but it's a solid performer that has a devoted fan base, and they really should give Scrubs its due.

For example, Scrubs doesn't appear on NBC's fall schedule. They've been renewed, but it looks like viewers will have to wait until January for new episodes, just like last season. The cast plays it off like they don't mind, saying the January start this season didn't seem to have a negative effect, either ratings- or creativity-wise, but you know it must feel a bit insulting. (There are, however, meager signs that it may show Thursdays at 9PM, which would unfortunately put it in the way of Grey's Anatomy in the fall.)

I fail to understand precisely why Scrubs remains underappreciated. Perhaps because it has a sense of humor that's rare on TV today: light-hearted, irreverent, and delightfully random. Think of the running Dr. Acula joke (and if you love it, then buy this shirt), or consider the giddy, goofy glory of Turk's Poison dance -- unselfconscious and sublime. Last week's finale had a couple bits I absolutely loved, things I wanted to pull my friends around the TV to watch with me: the janitor's 'baby cage' gift and the 'floating head doctor' sequence.

There are probably a couple moments like that in every episode. Unfortunately, the type of humor that Scrubs excels at can spell the kiss of death for some shows (Arrested Development and Sons and Daughters, to name a couple recent examples.) Perhaps it's a miracle Scrubs has lasted so long.

As long as they keep running Scrubs, I'll keep watching it -- but please don't schedule it opposite my favorite show again. I want to see how this whole 'I'm pregnant' cliffhanger gets resolved. Thanks, NBC! Smooches! ;)


At 10:09 AM, Blogger Abbey said...

I, too, am dumbfounded by the lack of love for Scrubs!

There isn't one episode where I am not falling off the couch from laughter or almost wetting myself. Why oh why do they have to keep putting it off till January???

I NEED to see Turk be a dad! If it's anything like a certain Friends episode, I'm sure we'll see Turk singing, "Baby Got Back" or, even better, " Rump Shaker."

"All I wanna do is a zoom-a-zoom-zoom...Check baby check baby 1,2,3..."


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