Friday, June 02, 2006

Smokin' hot

Just as I suspected I would, I loved Rescue Me. Pitch black humor? Just my style. Men heckling each other? Music to my ears. Plus, some great lines and disturbing stuff throughout. My favorite exchange was about snakes:

Tommy: Snakes, that's some real Satan-type bullshit right there.
Franco: Just thinking about some legless, leathery...what's the word I'm looking for here...?
Chief: Cock.

Hee. Dirty! This show knows how to combine the silly (Tommy taunting Franco about the snake only to get freaked out by a "snake" himself) with the spiteful (Janet sleeping with Johnny) and the horrific (Janet telling Tommy she was glad their son died so he couldn't turn out just like Tommy) with the heroic (Tommy bringing a little girl back to life).

Though if it weren't so good, I'd probably watch it anyway. Why? 'Cause Denis Leary just fans my flames. He's a hunka burnin' love, a pyromaniac's dream, and other bad fire-related metaphors for hotness. The Ref, sure, everybody likes that, but I actually liked Two If By Sea. That's a fan...or maybe just a gal with bad taste.

To get my RDA of Tommy Gavin, I might try to watch the first season this weekend (with the bonus of getting caught up enough on RM to do some recaps for GMMR). Should be fun!


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