Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Rescue Me, finally

Rescue Me has been on my list of to-watch shows for ages. I continually forget about it because it doesn't have the same airing schedule as most other shows; by the time I remember a new season has started, I'm already a few episodes behind, wary of jumping in and being lost among the continuing storylines.

That said? I'm going to watch it tonight. Season Three is premiering at 10PM on FX, and that seems as good a time to start as any. It was a combination of three things that made me realize this show just might be the thing for me:

1) I caught the webisode and really enjoyed the man-banter and camaraderie between the crew members.

2) Denis Leary appeared on The Daily Show with John Stewart. Individually, these two are hilarious. Together, their wicked back-and-forth between practically set my TV on fire. Their mutual heckling did nothing to disguise how much these two like and respect each other.

3) John Scurti's anti-blog for TVGuide. I'm firmly in favor of mocking of castmates and self -- especially when it produces such funny results.

I'm not sure if Rescue Me is for everyone, but I'll tune in tonight to see if it's for me. If you're on the fence about the show, I'd say take a look at the three things that made up my mind. Maybe they'll do the same for you.


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