Thursday, June 01, 2006

Fleecin' it out

Today we have the pleasure of not just one but four episodes of The Office. True, they're all repeats, but the beauty of a show this layered and hilarious is that you'll catch things on rewatch that you missed the first time. With all the actors staying in character in the background, the reaction shots are reason enough to watch the show.

Tonight they're airing:

The Fire: I missed this episode the first time around, so I'm really excited to see it this time. That reminds me of NBC's abysmal rerun campaign a few years back: "If you haven't seen it, it's new to you!" There is a spork, and I am gagging myself with it.

Halloween: I've seen Dwight as Darth Sidious. If I had a spirit inhabiting my body like Phoebe once did, watching this episode would be the "now, I've seen everything" moment that would allow my spirit to depart for the great beyond.

The Client: Michael manages to be marginally competent at his job, and sublimely incompetent at writing an action screenplay. One of the best table reads ever results.

Performance Review: The only thing I can recall about this episode is Jim and Pam trying to convince Dwight that it was Friday rather than Thursday. It's probably at about this point in the series that my ardor for Jim began to take hold, interfering with my focus on other storylines.

If you really want to go for an Office bonanza, you could watch Lollilove, which Jenna Fischer, aka Pam, wrote and directed with her husband, James Gunn. I watched it this morning, and got a great start to my day. Lollilove is a mockumentary about a couple who decide to start a charity handing out lollipops to homeless people. It's self-deprecating, politically incorrect, and funny as hell. I'll probably do a longer post about it another time, but it's definitely a must for Office-ianados, as GMMR puts it.


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