Monday, May 29, 2006

Everwood fans go through the five stages

With the news that Everwood won't be returning in the fall, it's clear that fans are going through the five stages of grief. Just reviewing Entertainment Weekly's Ask the TV Critic webpage, you can see examples of fan reactions. We've got:

1) Denial: "It can't be true! Everwood is gone? No way! The best show on TV cannot be cancelled."

2. Anger: "Everwood has not had the opportunity to build a strong and consistant fan base because of the inconsistant scheduling by the network. Too many long gaps during each season. Shame on CW!"

3. Bargaining: "Please do what you can to convince Dawn Ostroff that she and the CW have made a very grave mistake in not renewing EVERWOOD for another season."

4. Depression: "Everyone I know watches and loves Everwood and is devastated that it is being taken off the air."

5. Acceptance: (Umm...couldn't find an example of this. I guess the fans aren't there yet.)

It's ironic that fans should now have to go through these stages, considering Everwood's focus on the heavy subjects of grief and loss throughout its four-year run. Maybe Dawn Ostroff thought Everwood fans would be well-educated about how to deal with it at this point? Harsh.

What stage am I in? Maybe bargaining -- since I'm going to try to get you to watch the show right now, in the hopes that some miraculous reprieve will keep in on the air. Word on the street is that Seventh Heaven got its surprise renewal over Everwood for ratings reasons, and there's been buzz that if the final two episodes of Everwood do well enough, it might get renewed as a midseason replacement.

So listen: If you've ever been curious about Everwood, I implore you to watch the penultimate episode tonight at 9 on the WB. No complex espionage-driven plotlines here -- you can jump right in. Give it a chance.

Worst case-scenario? You don't like it. Fine. It's just an hour. Best-case scenario? You'll enjoy one of the best written, best acted, hands-down best shows on TV, and maybe even have a chance to help save it...before it's gone permanently.


At 3:36 PM, Blogger Abbey said...

I don't really watch Everwood, but the few episodes I've seen were pretty good.

Now if I had to choose between renewing Everwood or 7th Heaven I would choose...uh...EASY:


What is the CW thinking???

At 1:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

so true! Why did the best show on television get the ax? I know why, b/c the american viewing audience has lowered its standards beyond the logical and rational. stupid reality tv...


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