Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ruminating on Rescue Me

Every week, I do my recap over at Give Me My Remote. I watch the show, have a few laughs, get those heartstrings tugged, then type it all out and send to GMMR. But I tend to add very few editorial comments along with my recap. I want to let readers, if they missed the episode, decide for themselves how to feel about a particular storyline. So how do I feel?

I'm loving the 'New Lou' and the fact that Franco is finally acting like an adult (though, seriously, where is his daughter??). I'm liking the developments with Jerry (though not the most recent!) and the crazy Gavin family dynamics. I'm loathing the absence of Damien (I miss him! He ain't been around.), Sheila's ep-to-ep fluctuations in sanity, and the utter mishandling of Probie's sexuality.

But, as it's been said numerous times in the media, my main gripe is that RM could do a much better job of writing women. I love that their depictions of men are so complex and layered and damaged and lovely. I know that they're trying to present things from the male point of view. But for goodness' sake, hire a female writer! Trust me, she won't overshare about her menstrual cycles in the writer's room, she won't emasculate Garrity and Gavin by making them talk about their feelings in excrutiating detail, and she won't make the remaining female cast members spout feminist diatribes.

It will be, as Martha Stewart says, a good thing.


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