Thursday, June 08, 2006

Scrubber's delight

Zach Braff has a new website up with a sneak peek at his new movie, The Last Kiss. The movie is a remake of L'Ultimo Bacio, an Italian film from a couple years ago, and is also starring a couple other faces well-known to TV viewers: Rachel Bilson, of The OC fame, and Jacinda Barrett, who somehow managed to find non-trashy fame outside of The Real World.

I'm really interested to see how the movie will translate to American culture, since it seemed to focus on a generation of very Italian "mammoni", or at least men who've resisted growing up. It's being written by Paul Haggis, who also wrote Million Dollar Baby and Crash, which already suggests that it'll have a different tone than the original Italian version. I'm also curious to see how Zach will do in a role that might be something of a stretch to him.

The Last Kiss is scheduled for release on September 15th.


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