Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Lonely Wednesdays

Now that Veronica Mars has moved to Tuesdays, I'm feeling a little off-kilter. I used to enjoy watching VM knowing that the work week was halfway over and I only had to tolerate two more days of stress. I've become so accustomed to this schedule that I feel quite discombobulated at work today, knowing the majority of the week still lies ahead of me.

My mental imbalance aside, the VM move is also a bit disappointing because it leaves Wednesdays wide open. I know there are plenty of other things on TV on Wednesdays, but I feel like the kid staring into a full pantry complaining to her mother that there's nothing to eat. Let's see what I theoretically could be watching on Wednesdays:

Lost: I used to watch Lost, then I kind of lost interest. There weren't any characters that I really connected to, and generally I have to like at least one character in order to like a show. Plus, I prefer when some mysteries get resolved, rather that just more questions brought to light. I get that it's good TV; I'm just don't care. (Please don't hate me.)

America's Next Top Model: Absolute trashy fun -- but the kind of fun that really needs to be watched in a group and trash-talked to be appreciated. I don't have the group now, so I'm not really into the show.

American Idol: Same goes for Idol. So much better when you have people to discuss it with! Of course, I think you could really root for someone talented on Idol and it might be enough to sustain your interest throughout the season. Not exactly so with the vapid attention whores on ANTM.

One Tree Hill: Chad Michael Murray, you gross me out.

CSI:NY, Criminal Minds, The Evidence, and Law and Order: Ah, procedurals. How difficult I find it to get emotionally involved with you! I suppose not everyone needs to be emotionally involved to enjoy a show, but I have trouble staying interested when I could give a frog's bottom what happens to any of the characters.

So...what else is there? There's got to be something out there, some stone unturned, right? What do you recommend?

Alternatively, I could make Wednesday my DVD-TV night, and go through gems I missed on TV the first time around. There sure are a lot of them!


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