Thursday, April 06, 2006

"It was for...other issues."

Before I take the time to write out a long, thoughtful analysis of last night's episode of Veronica Mars, I thought I'd give a combined shout-out to last week's episode, "The Rapes of Graff," and our dearly departed Arrested Development.

Last week's episode found Veronica visiting a nearby college with Wallace and investigating a crime that took place there. (Keepin' it vague for the relatively spoiler-free.) While there, Veronica ran into Michael Cera and Alia Shawkat, who played George Michael and Maeby on AD. They did a great job in their roles, and I'm hoping that should Veronica end up attending Hearst College, she has a couple classes with them, at the very least. These are two talented actors and they deserve to be on a high-quality show.

Considering their experience with AD, Cera and Shawkat would probably be familiar with working on a high-quality show that receives critical praise but can't seem to find enough viewers. I just can't believe a show that hilarious and off-beat is done for. Sigh. Take a moment and reflect on the awesomeness.

Then, take a moment to remember how awesome Veronica Mars is. Consider that the same fate could befall VM! Make sure to watch it next Tuesday at 9pm on UPN, or you'll have only yourself to blame when it's gone.

Well, yourself and the folks at the CW.


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