Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Confessions of a TV evangelist

One of my great joys in life, in addition of course to watching television, is enlightening others to great television. I consider it a victory for the populist art that is TV whenever I can get someone hooked on a show I know they'll love.

Veronica Mars has been far and away my biggest success when it comes to evangelizing a show. How could it not be, considering the quality of the show? Just by taking the time to sit down people down and watch it with them, I've made new fans--7 of them.

I don't have to convince my friends it's good. Veronica Mars does its own convincing.

Most people I talk to, on hearing the show's description, are turned off by it. Maybe on first glance, it sounds a bit silly, but it's not a cult program or one that would appeal to only a narrow group of viewers. Veronica Mars has a wisdom and a range that makes it entertaining and watchable even outside the usual 18-24 bracket. I've managed to get my two best girl friends, my sister, my mother, my grandmother, and my boyfriend's parents all involved with the maddening mysteries Veronica investigates weekly.

Consequently, I've watched season one on DVD more than 5 times, start to finish, but it's worth it for those new viewers. Keep this show alive!

(Persistence is essential for a good TV evangelist. I'm nothing if not persistent--and persnickety.)


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