Monday, June 19, 2006

Just wishin' and hopin'

It can be difficult to support one's TV addiction on a budget. I don't spring for the good cable package, so I don't get to check out Entourage or Deadwood or anything that's good on Showtime. (Is there anything? Tell me what I'm missing.) However, I do occasionally splurge on DVD sets--most recently, Everwood, which wasn't really a splurge because it is dirt cheap right now, people.

Here's my wish list of DVDs that I'd love to have to help me through the summer hiatus:

Sports Night: It's been on my list for frickin' ever. TV Squad is doing recaps of the first season, and I'd love to be able to rewatch, then read their commentary. Alas.

The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.: It probably won't be that great. But...Bruce Campbell! Abel Koontz! Chaps! I kind of have to watch it.

Veronica Mars: Season Two: She will be mine. Oh yes, she will be mine. (August 22)

Sex and the City - The Complete Series: Since apparently I am Miranda, I think it only logical that I own the whole series chronicling the ups and downs of my love life, fashion sense, haircut, and road to personal enlightenment. Also, SatC reminds me of many fond memories trying to track down stray episodes from various Blockbusters in the Berkeley environs. Classic!

Dawson's Creek - Season Three: Shameful? Yes. Watchable? Yes. This is the season where Joey and Pacey get together and the teenage girl inside me breathes a happy sigh of relief. OMG Joey-Pacey OTP!!1! (Ahem! Allow me to repress her and let's move on, shall we?)

What am I missing? Maybe the first season of House, which I think might be obliging to all members of my household? Everything Battlestar Galactica for a re-watch? Lois & Clark or Smallville to get me revved up for the Superman movie?

Also, now that my TV on DVD week is over, it's left me with quite a thirst for commentary. What should I turn my attention to next - any commentary you've been craving?


At 7:11 PM, Blogger Abbey said...

Would you like to borrow MY DC:S3? I will happily let you re-live the beginning of the Pacey-Joey-Dawson love triangle. I Heart J & P together!! are SO not I think we've discussed. You are MUCH too positive a person! I think you are more Carrie than Miranda. Though, let's be're actually Veronica Mars!

At 8:00 AM, Anonymous Jeanette said...

There are season 1 eps of Sports night available on You Tube. I spent a couple of days at work watching. Made me miss it even more....


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