Monday, June 12, 2006

We've got the "ev", what about the "erwood"?

So far, only the first season of Everwood is out on DVD. Only getting the first season is only getting one fourth of the story. What about the rest?

Sounds like we might have to deal with disappointment; more Everwood seasons aren't coming out on DVD anytime soon. Unless the Season One DVDs start selling bigtime, additional seasons may never be released, since the studios seem to care more about profit than about engendering fan loyalty. Lovely.

However, don't despair! Everwood will begin appearing on ABC Family in the fall, according to TV Guide's Matt Roush. No details on when specifically, but it's good news nonetheless.

For all of us who succumb to the siren song of TV on DVD, Everwood's currently appearing at #8 on Amazon's list of top-sellers. It's on sale for the incredible bargain price of just $16.99 - buy it now to experience a great show (and increase the chances that additional seasons will be released).


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