Thursday, June 15, 2006

C'mon, c'mon, go watch some clips

Behind The Office cast, the good people who make Rescue Me are probably second on my list of people with whom I'd like to work.

In John Scurti's anti-blog for TV Guide, you can learn about the man, the myth, and the madness behind his character, Kenny 'Lou' Shea. You can also learn about numerous fake behind-the-scenes antics. Scurti has a wicked tongue and a way with words, and his entries entertain even as they make me concerned for the mental well-being of all those involved with the show. He'd be an intelligent and irreverent guy to banter with in front of or off camera.

For more evidence on why the team would be great to work with, check out a few behind the scenes clips from the show. The crew really seems to love making fun of each other and themselves. I'm all about self- and team-mockery, so I'd fit right in.

Since I'd be one of the few ladies on the show, I'd probably miss Diane Farr. As a viewer, I miss having her around. I know she's over on Numb3rs now (where she doesn't have to haul around the heavy firefighter equipment), but I could understand if you don't want to watch that; it ain't no RM. I've respected Diane for a long time after her classy response to a broken engagement: she sent out a smart, wry card to all her wedding invitees ("Picked the wrong guy. Gave him the wrong finger."), then founded a greeting card company for awkward situations just like hers. She could haul me out of a flaming building anytime.

Can't get enough Rescue Me info? Check out the blogger chat with Denis Leary (reveals some plot points), or, if you're big into the music of the show, check out the Music Lounge on the FX website. You can listen to clips of all the songs on the soundtrack and read liner notes from Denis Leary.


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