Saturday, May 13, 2006

Soon, this will be all there is

As Logan once said, "Summer's almost here, and we won't see each other at all." He was talking about some chick, I think, but I'm talking about my favorite shows. Soon they will all be gone for the summer. I would probably be making my way towards a catatonic state of depression a la Buffy in "The Weight of the World," were it not for the continuing glories of movies on TV.

A Time To Kill (5PM, TNT): One of our first introductions to Matthew McConaughey, Sexiest Man Alive 2006. I've decided whenever I say his name from now on I'm going to insert that phrase quickly afterward like the disclaimers at the end of sweepstakes commercials. I don't think it's going to annoy people at all.

Major League (5PM, Comedy Central): Charlie Sheen before he got creepy. I'm coming to realize that "__________ before he got creepy" should just be one of my default movie descriptions.

Bridget Jones' Diary (6PM, Bravo): Singletons rejoice! There be hot, incompetent man-fighting here, along with a truly awesome reindeer jumper. Plus, see Baltar before he became Baltar.

Ever After (8PM, ABC Family): Sentimental girl-power Cinderella retelling with a pre-Heist and M:I II Dougray Scott. I've probably seen this movie five times. I'm such a frakkin' girl sometimes.

The Princess Bride (8:15PM, AMC): Never go against the Sicilian... There is a shortage of perfect... You killed my... Ack! I can't decide. Most quotable movie ever.

Super Trooper (9PM, Comedy Central): I should probably watch this movie at some point, if only because a friend of mine quotes it often. It would be nice to know what the heck he's talking about. For once.

The Emperor's New Groove (9PM, ABC): To quote, "David Spade is perfectly cast as the voice of Kuzco, an arrogant emperor who is turned into a llama by his vengeful advisor." I wonder if Spade was worried about typecasting after this. Not too many emperor-turned-llama roles out there.

I own The Princess Bride on DVD, but even so, there's a serious chance that I'll end up watching it on TV. Why does that always happen?


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