Monday, May 15, 2006

Death takes a Colorado has a great interview with Everwood creator Rina Mimoun. The interview doesn't have any major spoilers, but Mimoun does gives a few hints about who will be the major death on Everwood in the weeks to come. She lays out three possibilities: Bright, Rose, and Andy's dad.

As sad as it will make me, I'm thinking it's got to be Rose. Why? A bunch of reasons.

- Andy's dad would be a sucker way out. Having hinted at the death all season, I don't think Mimoun would cop out with a non-main character death in the end. So we're left with Bright or Rose. Poor Abbott family!

- It's realistic. Complications from cancer could have an impact on someone's health even months later.

- It's been set up for months. Rose's health has been a concern for a long time. In a way, we're sorta prepared.

- It sets up a lot of potential for drama. How will Harold react to losing his wife? Or Amy and Bright to losing their mom? It might bring Amy closer to Ephram again, which would be a lone bright spot for such a tragedy.

- Bright is one of the characters that gets a decent amount of PR for the show. There aren't that many young people on the show for the fangirls to obsess over, and taking him away would just cut that number down further.

- Word on the street is that Emily VanCamp and Chris Pratt (the actors who play Amy and Bright) are dating. It would be pretty harsh to have one leave the show.

- The Bright/Hannah relationship has a lot left to explore, whereas Rose and Harold have already been through a lot together.

- Because I'll just be so darn pissed if they get rid of Bright. He's the comic relief, people! He has great hair! He's like an enormous teddy bear! He...I...please don't take Everwood away, CW.


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