Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Is there anything fluffier than a cloud?

If there is, I don't want to know about it.

Similarly, is there anyone more likable than Tom Cavanaugh? I'm hard-pressed to think of another television actor who wields the boyish charm Tom, formerly of Ed, wields. This is a guy who, with his toothy grin and openhearted approach to life and love, definitely cries out for a hug. Will that hug come in the form of a substantial audience for his new show, Love Monkey (Tuesday, 10PM, CBS)? Hard to say.

Tom's huggability notwithstanding, the show still has an appealing cast. Judy Greer, who has been fabulous in everything from Adaptation to Arrested Development, plays the Sally to Tom's Harry. She's centered where he's scattered, pragmatic where he's got his heart on his sleeve and his head in the clouds. I already find myself wondering if these two crazy kids will get it together, because I certainly don't want Tom to end up with the other chick they've set up as a love interest who is supposedly hot but who makes me feel like she wants to eat my soul whenever I look her in the eye and who walks with a little too much swing in her hips, as if all too aware of the ripeness of her female form. Capisce?

There's also the foxy Christopher Wiehl, who I remember best from his creepy-cute guest spot as a Buffy boy toy in Season 1, as a buddy of Tom's. Add the genial, now-softer-around-the-edges-! Jason Priestley and the hip-but-earnest Larenz Tate to Tom's circle of friends, and you've got a nice blend.

Upon reflection, I didn't find Love Monkey particularly funny, but I wasn't bothered by the lack of laughs. I was just so darned giddy to spend a pleasant hour with a cheery crew of friends backed by a well-chosen soundtrack.


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